Monthly Archives: February 2006

My Sunday with Wifi

Decided it was time.
I had enough of it.
Every single time I needed to go online…I had to get on windoze.
Because my 802.11b card refused to be recognized on linux! And my only way to access the net was through wireless (Linksys WRT54G router/wireless AP connected to Airtel DSL).
So I continued on my research, which I had dropped a few weeks ago, and tried to figure out a way to do it.
Seems I had been on the right path.
Setup ndiswrapper to work with the win2000 driver for my rtl 8180L chipset based TEW-228PI 802.11b card.
After a few hiccups, and a few steps involving some thought, I finally was able to get online.

This wasn’t to be my only adventure with wifi for the day.
Went to Shekhar’s place in the evening to setup the Linksys WRT54G I bought for him.
He had BSNL,which unlike Airtel had a dialup option to connect to DSL.
Took about an hour to setup the whole network, where most of the time was spent searching for the wireless utility on his laptop. Finally, instead of looking for the default Broadcom utility which was provided, I did with windoze’s very own wireless zero configuration. Yes…whatever one might say for winXP, it does make the life easy many times!