Practical lies are very much a part our lives today.
Pause for a moment and think how much you’ve lied throughout the day- at work, at home, with friends etc etc.
Be honest, and you’ll see the results for yourself. Infact, by the time we grow up, we get so accustomed to lying that we don’t even realize when we do it. It just becomes a sort of mental reflex system invoked to keep us out of tricky scenarios.

It is a natural and practical human tendency, and hence acceptable. The disturbing fact here is, our mind has been so conditioned to it, that it has begun to believe in the lies, accepting them as the truth. I have seen this trait in many people. When they get an uncomfortable truth as the response to their query, which they themselves would have answered with a “practical lie”, they would not accept it. They will tell you in your face that you’re lying.

4 thoughts on “Lying

  1. well everyone tells practical lies, either coz it’s not any of teh other person’s business, or u haven’t gotten to that trust level with a person yet, or perhaps to save them from heartache. i personally think it’s better to hide or to be quiet than lie… but sometimes ppl get too inquisitive and u have no choice but to tell a white lie. sometimes it’s a necessary evil…

    but i think there’s a distinction between ppl who tell practical lies and those who are compulsive liars. i think your post is abt the compulsive liars, ppl who lie just out of habit, or coz it’s just so easy to tell a quick lie than an honest truthful answer.

  2. A commendable reply to the same post at an online community->

    “I understand the issue you are trying to put forward.

    Like you said, I thought about a single day in my life and tried to count the number of times I lied, if I did at all and I realized that yes, while someone would call it lying, I wouldn’t. Ofcourse by this, I mean white lies which are generally spoken with the intention of not making too big a deal of things or in my case, just being a quiet person gives me reason enough to keep a few things to myself if the matter will not hurt anyone etc.

    But ofcourse practical lies intended to willfully deceive are subject to question. In that case, I completely agree with you that generally people are so used to lying that they tend to accept them as truth. But as for the fact that if people are honest and another has a problem believing him/her ; then I say that is so because everyone has become so suspicious of everyone around them. Even I don’t believe anything anyone tells me since I tend to make sound decisions myself with my senses intact Alhamdoillah.

    Trust is the issue. People have been deceived by so many including close loved ones that not trusting comes naturally , and honestly, I feel that is a better way to live since this world is evil at times and it’s best we open our eyes and live rather than depend on others and become miserable with disappointment.”

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