A spate of injuries

This seems to be a cycle that repeats with me once every few years.
A list of injuries I’ve had over the past week->

A bad knock at the back of my head, which resulted in a bloody pillow cover.
Its all dried up now…leaving a crisp patch of about 1cm dia at the back of my head.

An insect bite on my face…leaving a nasty dark red swelling just below my left eye.

A bad bang on my right knee, when I stumbled into a table at home.

Another bad bang on my right shoulder, when I apparently walked into a wall.

And just yesterday, slipped badly and fell over a metal box, badly scraping the lower right side of my torso.

And ofcourse, how could the cold/headache leave me alone at such an opportune moment!

Being very careful with every step I take now…wonder what’s gonna come next!

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