Called up a friend in Chennai to cheerfully wish her a belated birthday.
She replied- “Sid, my father died the day before my birthday”.
One of those moments in life, when you get so stunned that your senses cease to function.
She’d told me he was suffering from cancer.
I feel so sad…she must’ve been getting wishes from all over at such a terrible time. One of those rare moments in a long time when I’ve had tears in my eyes

2 thoughts on “Shocked

  1. I know its so terrible when such things happen..its even difficult to explain how it all happened…every-time u are re-living the whole thing again. For some its just a nice piece of info..but for a person who is going through it ever moment..its a living hell.

    Deep condolence to the family

  2. may he rest in peace.

    my close friend’s dad passed away a few years ago, and i held her through it all. what can u ever say to a person who has to deal with that kinda grief, i still don’t know…

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