Bangalore Book Club Meet

After weeks of planning and campaigning, the meet for the members of Orkut’s Bangalore Book Club community finally happened yesterday at Airlines Hotel, off Lavelle Road.
I reached the venue about half an hour earlier to set things up and guide people to the place. There are some special measures you need to take when organising such events where you have complete strangers meeting up. I’ve already done such meets in the past, so it really wasn’t much of a hassle.
The meet was officially supposed to begin at eleven am, and that was when people started turning up. I had expected about fifteen people to turn up at the max, but as many as thirty people turned up in the end! It was a resounding success, and a really tough job to arrange the chairs for so many people at the same time!
The meet was even covered by the press, courtesy my dear friend at Mid Day Bangalore. Check it up in today’s edition.

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