Race against time

Shantanu was supposed to catch the train home today, and he still hadn’t received the ticket by the afternoon. His parents had already couriered it once earlier which never arrived, sending a duplicate copy this time. It finally arrived at 1645. He read the ticket, and said the departure was at 1707. We were at my home near brookefield. And we had to reach Bangalore Cantt station. People well accustomed to Bangalore geography, and the chaotic traffic conditions which exist between the two said locations should understand well.
I drove like a madman, through the nightmarish traffic conditions on Airport Road and beyond. Shantanu, who usually asks me to take it cool while driving, sat mostly silent today, complaining only very occasionally. We finally reached a little before half past five, and made a run to the platform. It was empty…no train on the tracks. Wishing it had not already left, we enquired around. Guess what? The fool had read the date (1707 is July 17) as the departure time. The actual departure time was 1855. I cursed him for a some time, then we found a place to sit. Discussed about old times, before we’d met at college. Lots of memories…crazy adventures, crushes, pranks, scary situations and all. Then I had a brainwave, and went to the bookshop and bought today’s Mid Day which was covering yesterday’s meet (See previous post “Bangalore Book Club Meet”). The meet got generous space in the paper, along with a pretty big pic (I just missed getting on it by inches!) . But yeah…my name was prominently covered elsewhere;). Always helps to have friends in the media!

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