Author- Hari Kunzru (ex Wired, noted for his first book The Impressionist)

Considering the applauds received by his first book, this was very ordinary.
Highly cliched basic premise…with some interesting twists I may add.
The story is quite contemporary. Indian boy (typical geek) goes to work in US…lands a perky job at an internet security firm. Things go well until suddenly he’s fired due to dismal quarterly results of his company. Boy goes mad…writes a virus which only he could break…so that he could get his job back.

No ordinary virus this Very Happy . Involves the current bollywood heartthrob suddenly appearing in a pixellated form on the computer screen, and doing her famous latka-jhatkas, after which your machine goes bonkers. Things get a little out of control…virus wreaks havoc worldwide, and our geek boy becomes American public enemy no.1, granted an international terrorist status and what not.

Any more…and there wont be anything left to read in the book Laughing
Recommeded for pure light hearted (and light minded) pleasure.

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