The movie is set in Casablanca (French occupied Morocco), during the early days of World War II. With the situation in Europe turning worse, many try to migrate to America. And Casablanca forms a viable point of exit.
Things seemed to be going very well for Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart), an American expatriate who runs a successful cafe/casino, till his ex lover (Isla Bund, played by the incredibly beautiful Ingrid Bergman) from his days in Paris arrives with her husband Victor Laszlo(Paul Heinreid), looking to escape to America. The Gestapo is after Laszlo, a radical against their oppressive regime, and tries its level best to not let him escape and take him back to the concentration camp. The husband and wife turn to Rick for help, who helps them escape.
I especially liked the climax. Isla, still in love with Rick, had offered to escape with him and leave her husband behind. He agrees to this proposal, but in the end, when they’re supposed to board the plane, he lets her go with Laszlo instead, making the biggest sacrifice, letting go of his love in the sake of Laszlo’s ,putting himself in danger at the same time. We seldom find such people in real life.

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