The weekend that went by

Woke up late as I had been up till around three on Friday night, watching an Indiana Jones movie. Decided to skip the gym…had been very regular, missing just once in the past several weeks. It was around noon that my kid bro called, saying “Hey! Guess what…I got a piercing on my eyebrow!”. Well…I myself have been the first in the family to sport a goatee, first in school, and then earlier this year. But I have always considered piercing, apart from that in the ears, as lunacy. But that wasn’t the end of the story. He’d also got his hair fashioned in the mohawk style
(that made Beckham famous). Still, better than his friend who’d got his tongue pierced, and wasn’t able to eat properly since 2 days! Seriously, I don’t know what is it exactly that drives people to do this to their body. Also, I was told of plans of getting his hair colored red, and a tattoo on his neck, on or close to the Adam’s apple. And he’s currently in Jaipur, which cannot be said to be as chic as say Bangalore, Mumbai or Delhi. But even in these cities, such a being will always stand out. I can only imagine what would happen in a place like Jaipur.

Watched a couple of comedies with my lil cousin, then got on to work. This project I’ve been working on has been stretched on for months, with dozens of changes in the requirements in the process. Nothing else has been streched on for so long…so I just wanted to finish it off.Made the (supposedly) final changes, and mailed it to Kowie. Got a call from Mid Day, asking for my opinion on the soft drinks pesticide issue. For dinner. Aunt experimented with some sort of white beans, and the experience wasn’t very pleasurable. Started working with a flash radio to put up on my multiply home page. Figured it out to work on localhost, but even after modding the code dozens of times wasn’t able to get it to work online.

Woke up late on Sunday, and decided to skip the gym again. Had a good excuse to overcome my guilt conscience, as I had to clean the car and my bike today. Again spent the afternoon trying to get the radio to work, and got some leads to work on. Kou called in the evening, asking whether I was game for a movie in the night. I said yeah…and looked out for shows online. Both PVR and Inox have absolutely pathetic websites, and on top of that they keep putting up incorrect information there. Obviously the best ones were booked, and we finally decided to go see Anthony Kaun Hai at Rex. I had just taken a turn into Airport Road, when the bike infront of me suddenly breaked. I braked in time, and cut my bike through the left side, when I saw why that guy had breaked. There was a dog crossing the road, and it was about three feet from me. Marta kya na karta, I just went on straight, and hoped it wouldn’t get hurt. I had slowed down, still it must’ve had a nasty hit. Luckily it didnt get hurt too bad, and walked off with just a slight limp. I got on my way, and then got a phone call. “Hi, my name is Sunayana and a work for Mid Day”. I was dazed for a while, rightfully so as one doesn’t expect a good friend to introduce herself in such a way. I had a short telephonic interview, it was www’s fifteenth birthday, and I was asked how it affected my life. Gathered whatever thoughts I could in such a time, and made my reply.

Finally reached Brigade Road around 8.30pm. Kou called to say he’s stuck in traffic, and would be there before nine. While waiting, I went and bought the day’s Mid Day, and went through it. I’ve been on tv before, but this was my first appearance on a newspaper (For a very silly reason ofcourse ). Kou came…we waited for the ticket window to open, bought em and went for a quick byte. Chatted with him over food, and then it was time for the movie. Brainless, as expected, but there were some innovative scenes so it wasn’t a waste. Also…we had a special surprise. It had been around 90 mins since the show started (Hindi movies never end inside two hours!), and Arshad Warsi had just completed telling his life story to Sanjay Dutt. He said something like “Aur yeh this meri life story”, and dang…the screen went blank! I and Kou stared at each other in amazement, wondering if this was some trick ending. But the lights remained off, and in a couple of mins the guards came and stood near the exit gates. We realized that it wasn’t really a trick, and the projector had screwed up. But the timing was so that we really believed it for sometime!

Got back home about 1am, after the long ride home from MG Road. Didn’t feel like sleeping, so continued with my reading of Right Ho Jeeves. A pleasant departure from the more serious books I’ve read lately. Finally jumped in well past two.

PS: Get a copy of today’s Mid Day. Who knows I might feature in a half page interview:p

18 thoughts on “The weekend that went by

  1. “Should soft drinks be banned for containing pesticide?”

    Hmm..this is how the paper quoted me:

    “YES. Right now, they shoud be banned as tests have shown they contain pesticides. Once they get rid of the pesticide, they may be allowed to come back into the market again.”

  2. I don’t remember them saying any names, but we have only two big soft drink companies, coca cola and pepsi, each with multiple brands in their portfolio. There have been numerous protests against both.

  3. thanks magic, sid finally explained to me… apparently the water they use has pesticides.. and they don’t test it before using it. so then, i hate to wonder, what else is in that water that theyre not testing for…

  4. Wow…thats good!
    I stopped after the initial controversy, but then used to drink them occasionally when i was thirsty, and no fruit juice was available.

  5. i just carry water with me wherever i go..even if im stepping out from home to say commercial street…im so paranoid when it comes to drinking water…:)
    and yeah…i haven’t had a coke or a pepsi for almost or more than 3 yrs…

  6. walkintheclouds said: and yeah…i haven’t had a coke or a pepsi for almost or more than 3 yrs…

    dude, i haven’t had coke or pepsi in 12 years. i cut out caffeine years ago. it’s not that hard… and magic, i always carry a bottle of water with me too. ain’t nothing that quenches ur thirst better than good ol water.

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