Autogenic relaxation

I just tried this…it works well, and quickly too.

Stress can cause all sorts of problems for us in our daily lives. Not the least of which is a decreased ability to think productively and creatively. Autogenic relaxation works by influencing the autonomic nervous system through self-suggestion. The goal is to learn how to relax your limbs, heart and breathing.

Start by sitting in a comfortable position in a quiet place. Concentrate on your legs and arms. Feel them getting heavy. Repeat to yourself over and over, “My arms are getting heavy. My legs are getting heavy.”

Now feel your arms and legs getting warmer. Repeat to yourself, “My arms are getting warm. My legs are getting warm.” Try to really feel them getting warmer.

Now, concentrate on your pulse. Feel it beating calmly. Repeat to yourself over and over, “My heart rate is calm and regular.”

Now, focus on your breathing. Take deep and regular breaths. Repeat, “My breathing is calm and regular.”

Focus on your abdomen and feel it getting warmer. Repeat, “My abdomen is feeling warmer.”

Lastly, pay attention to your forehead. Feel it getting cooler. Repeat to yourself, “My forehead is pleasantly cool.”

Repeat as many times as you desire. A feeling of peacefulness and relaxation should come over you as you progress through this exercise.

7 thoughts on “Autogenic relaxation

  1. Hmm…you have to allow your mind to calm down, and stop thinking about everything else.
    The new place I’ve shifted to is very peaceful, away from the urban chaos. And we have a private terrace. I just go to it whenever I’m stressed and gaze around blankly…helps a lot.

  2. lolz at magic!

    sido, i don’t have the patience to sit and repeat to myself ur hands are getting warm, etc. i’ll fall asleep i’m sure, within a minute or two.

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