A death wish not granted

Driving from MG Road to ITPL Road.
Post 1 am in the night.
A route known for numerous mugging incidents at night.
Headlight faulters, doesnt throw beam beyond a few feet.
Tail-light not working since a week.
And hardly braking, mostly keeping around 60-70kmph, going beyond occasionally.
Mind racing with thoughts after watching an intense movie.
Still…things going well.
See a truck coming straight to me, on the wrong lane.
Could make it out from distance, so manage to survive.
Then comes a roadblock.
The onward route blocked for a few kms for road construction.
Peril of meeting traffic head on with dysfunctional headlight.
Idea…use the indicator.
Continuing on the wrong lane with mixed thoughts, some of brave, some of scary nature.
Still…streetlights make life easier.
Reach stretch beyond airport.
No streetlights.
Still going steady above 60, when I can hardly see a few seconds of oncoming road.
See something moving about 15 feet away, just before Marathahalli market.
Reach closer…find its a bullock cart (no lights ofcourse, making it a blindspot at distance).
Manage to brake just in time.
Several potholes on the road beyond.
But having traversed this route so many times, have a mental note of each potential hazard.
Make my way beyond the bridge.
Streetlights. Make life easy.
Turn left to ITPL Road.
Some dogs along the way.
Luckily, none interested enough to chase me.
Reach home at 1.30am, high on life.

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