Bangalore Book Club Meet II

Some blasted idiot broke the mudguard of my bike in the parking today. Had to go and get it replaced, which made me late for the meet. Made it from ITPL Road to Lavelle Road in 20 mins. New record for mid day traffic:p.
Getting back to the meet…reached about an hour late, but just in time. It had been decided earlier that we’d meet up at Airlines Hotel and then move on to a friend’s place. Finally made it to the place after a rather twisted journey.
We again had a pretty good gathering. From my past experience, I know that the initial enthusiasm fizzles out quickly. Still…seems like this group isn’t dying anytime soon. Had got two PGW’s in the last meet, Right Ho Jeeves and Galahad at Blandings. Bone tickling stuff.
Got two more today. The discussion, as usual varied from topics ranging from the depressing underlying theme in most Russian literary works, emotions lost in translation, the usual book vs ebook and book vs movie, etc. Introduced everyone to my huge dvd repository, already over a dozen requests.
Some great news at work lately. Till recently, I had been mostly involved in executing projects my partners. But over the past month, I began to reach out to my own personal network to get projects. After an initial lull, I’ve been literally flooded with work. Established a marketing channel in Australia and executed the first project for a client there . A channel in Netherlands is in the pipeline. Tied up with a medium size s/w firm in Hyderabad, finished the initial proposal for the first project for which work should begin soon, and got a request for another project this Friday eve. Planning to tie up with another firm based in Bangalore. Facing a serious manpower shortage right now. Hope to sort this out by the end of the month, along with some other issues.

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