You and I

Shekhar, a very dear friend of mine wrote this recently, and I just loved it at first sight.
So simple…and yet so touching. That’s how I like my poetry!

Chemistry sparked
Fierce and deep
the first time we met
you and I

We fight about anything
We fight the world
For us
You and I

So polarized.
Yet so bonded
you and I

you say
the color of rage
is red
i say white-hot
like a tungsten needle heated to flash point

you say love needs no logic
I say love can’t be blind

you say cool down
I say lose control

you expressive; voluble
I succinct
earthy you
airy me

your bedroom eyes
my give -a -darn smile

You seek mountains to climb
Iā€™m happy paddling my feet in a creek
You with your goals
Me with my destiny

you with sound
me with silence

you with your laptop
me with my books

you shoot straight from the hip
i think twice before i speak
your passionate precision
my dispassionate reason

Yet we muddle by
don’t we?
you and I

7 thoughts on “You and I

  1. u felt that i would relate to it …???
    or you felt that u related to it..??? confused…if u felt it how could it be the same..:P cuz u are u and i am me…we have different levels of relating…lolzzz never mind im just rambling..:P you know this is what happens after u do a series of presentations..u get used to rambling hehe

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