Yet another fatwa

Caught this in the evening news.
The Darul-Uloom has come up with yet another fatwa…and this one’s outright hilarious. It prohibits all muslims from taking loans, investing in sharemarkets and indulging in various other financial dealings. Why? Because it smells of gambling and its likes. Great going Mr Maulana

3 thoughts on “Yet another fatwa

  1. hmmm from what i have heard, muslims are not forbidden loans or investments, etc. only thing is, they are not supposed to charge interest if they give loans, and by the same token they are not supposed to pay interest either if they take a loan. the reason behind it being that the people who charge interest are usually rich ppl and those who pay it are usually the poor, and so interest is seen as a social evil that creates a greater divide between the haves and the have-nots. many banks in the US and UK, in order to keep their Muslim customers, have come up with “Shariah-compliant” schemes, which are just legal work-arounds so Muslims can do guilt-free borrowing and lending.

    The whole thing has nothing to do with gambling… and anyone who relates it to gambling must be an idiot. i have heard a lot of hilarious stuff coming from the deobandi quarters…
    neem hakeem khatar-e-jaan, neem maulvi khataraa-e-imaan. (half-doctor = danger to life, but half-maulvi = danger to one’s spirit)

    vaisay bhi i don’t get this whole fatwa business. ok fine, someone may be a “religious scholar”, but i wish ppl would exercise their brains before blindly following other ppl…

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