Layer Cake

Yet another British movie that I saw lately.
XXXX (played by Daniel Craig, the new James Bond) is a successful drug dealer, who’s planning for an early retirement after making enough money in the business. But then, a turn of events takes place, where he is deceived and loses all his money. He slowly and gradually gets entangled into a complicated mess up between international drug dealers, where his own life is in great danger.

The movie starts slowly, but as the plot unveils, it becomes really gripping. And its more about intelligent screenplay and dialogues rather than visual skulduggery.This seems to be a similar theme in almost all British movies I’ve seen.
Sienna Miller is just too hotttt, and makes a lasting impression even in the really small role she has(I’m not talking about her acting here:P ). No wonder even someone like Jude Law couldn’t stay away for long!

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