Is it good to be bad
And bad to be good
With those who make you sad
Just drive you mad

You fight with the world
Go against good sense
They utter a woeful word
And you get all tense

They say war, you say peace
You yourself lose, and let them win
But that one time, you cry farce
They do no bad, and you mortal sin

They break, you fix
Slowly you realise, the never ending tricks
You gather strength, and take the decision
And end it all, with a painful incision

Some things are made unbreakable
While others are born brittle
The more you try to prevent severance
The sooner it tends to fall apart

You grow wiser, forgive and forget
They weren’t bad always, nor you always right
It is but human, to commit mistake
Keep on learning, with each one you make

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  1. sometimes its just bad past karma between two people which haunts them n makes good bad…. read ‘many masters, many lives’ by Dr Brian Weiss and u’ll understand what i’m saying.

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