Smiles and tears

National holiday…nothing to do.
Rang up a friend and decided to go to the movies.
Reached Forum mall around mid day…and as expected, the whole place was bustling with people. There’s already a shopping festival running there…and today being a holiday didn’t help matters. Reached the booking area, and found out that all the shows we could’ve gone to were booked . But my friend knew some staff in the theatre…and we managed to get 2 tickets for John Tucker Must Die…even when it was being displayed as housefull! I’m blessed with some great friends…lol. The movie was really funny…I love these high school/college comedies. Lots of hilarious moments. Its about this guy John Tucker, who’s a real player (flirt), and is dating several girls simultaneously. These girls find out they’re being cheated, and decide to teach him a lesson.
Once the movie ended, we called up that angelic friend again and asked for tickets for another evening show. And he didn’t let us down again. Also got tickets in advance for Lage Raho Munnabhai tomorrow…today was sold out. We ate lunch, and then had around three hours to kill till the next movie started. Roamed around the bookstore, did some window shopping, had some coffee etc. Time just flied by.
Next movie Woh Lamhe started at 7.15pm. Entirely different. Romantic tragedy. Wont talk more about it. Actually made me cry…first time in over a year! I tend to get charged up sometimes…lol.
All in all…a great day!

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