And now a family of bots!

This is too much!
Was going through the Bangalore community on Orkut when I found some funny looking people.
They proclaim themselves to be bots, and are infact a family with their own melodrama running too!
This is the cast:

Zibbot Zibbot –

Zibbotina Zibbotina (Zibbot’s girlfriend)-

Zibbit Kiddo (Their son, who Zibbot refuses to accept as he’s too red)-

Zibbitini. (Proclaims to be their daughter, but her mother refuses to accept her. So she intends to sue them when she gets older)-


6 thoughts on “And now a family of bots!

  1. well sid, remember the identity theft? he too revealed his name n location even though he was guilty of greater crimes! and remember the guy who spoofed a particular gentleman’s profile from, he too got caught as he left a easy-to-track trail !!

  2. Yeah. Thats exactly my point. People tend to be overconfident online. Even if they’re really timid offline. Someday they’ll piss off the wrong person…and they won’t know what hit them:p

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