Wet Wet Wet!

About 7pm saturday evening. I was halfway on my way home after the meeting, when my phone rang. Kou’s call. He asked me if I was game for a movie. I ofcourse readily agreed to the offer:D I took a U turn, and got on my way to Inox. Just after 10 mins, it started drizzling. It had rained quite heavily earlier in the evening, so I expected it would not last long. It didn’t stop, but it was really light so I didn’t feel the need to stop. Then, while I was stuck at the signal at Trinity circle, it suddenly came pouring down!
I was caught like a sitting duck…lol. Vehicles packed on all sides…nowhere to go. Just prayed for rains to stop, or the signal to turn green. None happened. After what seemed like an eternity, the light turned green and I just blasted past the traffic. No respite from the rains yet. But there was no point in finding a dry spot anymore. I already looked like I had several laps in a swimming pool with clothes on. So I just got on my way to my destination without wasting any more time..
Finally got there. Parked my bike, and took out my wallet and phone. Luckily, the money was still dry and the phone working though a bit wet. I did a check on myself then. Water dripping down from my shirt. Trousers sticking to the skin. And water coming out of my leather shoes.
I took off the shoes, and squeezed the socks while they were still on. They looked like they just had a dip in a bucket full of water.
Looked around myself. A lot of people had a similar fate. One guy actually took his shirt off in full public view, and squeezed it dry. I couldn’t expect myself coming up with something like that! So took the wallet and phone in my hands, and made my way to Shopper’s Stop to meet Kousthub. Still wet enough to leave a trail of droplets behind me, and also some staring eyes:D.
Found him buying some clothes. I decided to buy a complete outfit for myself. A purchase was pending…and I couldn’t get a better excuse than this:p Got a helper to assist me. Made some quick selections, and went to the trial room. Asked the helper to get me a plastic bag to stuff my clothes…and he started looking at me suspiciously:)). Told him I wasn’t attempting a shoplifting, and looking at my condition, he believed me. Finally went in, took off all wet clothes and stuffed them a bag, and came out in a new outfit, with all price tags on…lol. They took them all off while I payed the bill. Then one guy accompanied me to the exit gate, just in case the alarms went ringing due to some tag they forgot to remove. Fortunately, I made a peaceful and uneventful exit:D
Met up with Kou again in the food court, and laughed over the day’s events. He’d bought tickets to the night show of Don. Finished dinner, chatted some more and went to see the movie.
I hadn’t seen the original Don starring Amitabh Bacchan, so had a fresh perspective on the movie. Still, I don’t get the point of making remakes. Apart from the original Don ofcourse, I found elements from several other movies, namely MI:3, Eraser, Face/Off, Swordfish and even a dialogue from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Quite a cocktail!
Reached home well past 1 am, still had the energy left to login and check mails.
Finally hit the sack around 2 am.

8 thoughts on “Wet Wet Wet!

  1. 🙂 its nice when its raining and u are at home…once a while i just go to the terrace and get drenched…just for kicks….i dont think its the same feeling when u are heading someplace and the rains spoils your plan.
    It did rain on Friday afternoon and night…and it was pretty heavy

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