An observation

This may seem a little funny. This may also seem a little weird.
But what the heck…anything to break the monotony!

I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately, from across the world. And this particular thing struck me (Yeah yeah these things strike only weird minds like mine:D), that the local climate has a lot of influence on poets and lyricists, especially the kind who write romantic stuff.

Consider a few scenarios. India, with its warm climes (atleast in the majority of the country), people always wait for the rains. Everyone is relieved when the rains begin, signalling the end of the hot summers. So they’re generally looked upon as something ‘good’. No wonder most of the bollywood movies feature a romantic song or atleast a scene in the rain.

On the other hand, consider places with colder climes. People look forward to a sunny day. Effectively, most of the romantic lines have something to do with ‘sunshine’ or a sunny day, with rains/clouds usually figuring as spoilsport.

PS: I intended to keep this to myself, but was prodded endlessly to put it up here. So kindly address all complaints regarding this post to a certain ‘X’ (mr/miss, you’re free to decide:D).

9 thoughts on “An observation

  1. sorry we ain’t mindreaders that we’ll get to know who X is. Though I have a fair idea who it might be cos i’ve been seeing one person online today n y’day 🙂
    and the observation is right… on an unrelated nevertheless related vein, remember the song ‘thande thande pani se nahana chahiye’…… now if that song were written by a westerner, they’d be like ‘oh #$#%, r u trying to kill me!’ 😀

  2. and i agree too…and these days i hate listening to songs…i just cant take those romantic number….i get depressed…just switch we took an auto to get to our lunch place…and our man was playing some kannada song so loud…hehe we felt like some studs inside..everyone on road lookin at us…hehe expecting us to do the local dance….i just wanted to get outta that auto

  3. interesting observation there.. sid… and ure spot on!
    ill add another song supporting this… the other extreme…reflecting a depressed state…
    aint no sunshine when she’s gone… (by bill withers)

  4. Thank you for sharing!
    Yes, a cloudy day or a little sunshine have as great influence on so many people around the globe and can be seen in both ways: as a a blessings or misfortune.
    So much like how we consider the glass: half empty or half full.
    In any season and for any reason, you are my sunny online buddy! hehe 😀

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