Monthly Archives: December 2006

Bandaged on New Year’s Eve

Went to Pondicherry with Choc, Magic and Magic’s friend yday as planned. Saw the sea for the first time since 97, and the Bay of Bengal for probably the first time in my life. And got an unexpected souveneir from the trip. I’d been walking barefoot on one of the beaches, and on the way back got some thorn stuck in my left heel. Never realised it, and went sightseeing across Pondicherry without trouble.
Finally boarded my bus back home in the night, and took off the shoes to relax a bit. When I placed my foot on the ground, I experienced a sharp pain. Felt across the heel with my fingers…and I figured out the culprit. A tiny thorn lodged deep into the heel, with a very tiny part protruding out. Tried to pluck it out several times, but it hurt real bad and still didn’t come out. So I just let it be like that, and went to sleep.
Reached home early morning, and went to bed again. Woke up, and showed it to my aunt. She tried to pluck it out with a hot needle, but didn’t work. It hurt even worse…and I was making all kinds of funny faces:p
Decided I had to go to a doctor. So made my first trip to a doc in years. There’s a good clinic in the neighbourhood, so went there. There I was asked to fill out all personal details, and then they checked my blood pressure and weight (God knows why! I just went to get a thorn plucked out:P). So after all these formalities, I finally got to see the doc. Told him how it happened. He asked me to lie down, and observed my foot. Since I hadn’t had a tetanus injection in years, he asked me to undo my trousers, and reveal my butt :D. Then he came with some apparatus and started work on the thorn. Asked to me to tell him if it hurt. I prepared myself for the pain. There was a slight pain for an instant, and then the next thing I knew was the doc applying bandage to the heel. I thanked God and the doc, and got back on my one and half feet. I whispered “There goes my new year’s eve!”, which the doc heard, and said I could take it off in the eve if I wanted. Prescribed me some antibiotics and a painkiller if there was pain. I thanked him, and made my way back home.

Amores Perros

Amores Perros: Love’s a bitch.
The movie is set in the bustling locales of Mexico City. It consists of three subplots, brought together by a horrific car accident (Inspiration for Crash perhaps). Each subplot involves a twisted love story, showcasing different forms of love. Some people destroy their life in pursuit of love, some destroy love in pursuit of life and then again some are empowered by love to go on and not give up.
Perhaps one of the best I’ve seen. Even though I saw the movie with help of subtitles as its in Spanish, the native language of Mexico, it still left me mesmerized.
A must watch. But be warned, there are some gory dogfight scenes.

Full Metal Jacket

Yet another movie based on the Vietnam War, but a Stanley Kubrick movie will always be unique. It starts right at the bootcamp, where fresh recruits are indoctrinated and gradually stripped of their individuality, turned into glorified killing machines.You are then taken to Vietnam, and the intensity increases from then on, till it reaches the pinnacle at the end when they’re encountered by a lone hidden sniper. Don’t watch this as an action movie, its more about the effect of violence on one’s mind. Like the movie catchphrase says… “In Vietnam the wind doesn’t blow, it sucks”