How to download youtube videos

1- Copy URL of the youtube page containing the video you want to download.
2- Goto and paste the URL in the provided space, and click the “Get Video” button.
3- You’ll see a small snippet of the youtube page in a frame below, along with a download button.
4- Hit the download button. A window opens asking you to open the file or save it on your computer. Choose the latter.
5- The file will take sometime to download, based on its size and your internet connection speed.
6- On completion of download, you’ll have a file with a .flv extension, which you can watch with flv player (
7- To watch it on windows media player or other players, you’ll need to convert it using an flv converter, which you can download here-

28 thoughts on “How to download youtube videos

  1. Well…even if it does…I don’t like to bog down my system with too many add-ons. Every time there’s a major upgrade in the browser, you’ll need an update on the add on too. And then again…its browser dependent. Since I don’t download videos too frequently on youtube…this option works better. And then again…it isn’t exactly a standalone thing. Whenever you click on it, it connects to an external server (opens a popup), and logs on your url to it. Anyone with access to that server, has access to your browser (and hence your computer).

  2. hmm..btw guys , how can we get the original resolution of the video posted on youtube.If I download say, an episode of a sitcom aired on Youtube,I get just an “X2” size of the window.The original video in this case must be definitely bigger(right?).How can I get that?

  3. Well…can u get original resolution image from what you post on flickr…or even on multiply? They are optimized (read downgraded) for least bandwidth/storage consumption.

  4. just downloaded Ook and it works great! the best thing abt it is the one click download option.
    downloaded the flv player frm the link u suggested… plays really well but it gets resized to a very small window… any other player u suggest?

  5. I use FLV player when Youtube comes into pic since I use the Video downloader plugin.
    I have a peculiar problem with my Firefox.I’ll reply again today in detail after a few hours.I need ur (the dudes I meant) help.

  6. downloading videos from Dailymotion using the videodownloader plugin.U guys know how to download videos in bigger resolution.Dailymotion is capable with a zoom function which produces a very big resolution.But the FLV player plays the small res video.

  7. i didnt kno about this dailymotion site..french version of youtube.there s an indian one too called apnavideo.
    my friends in the US are too afraid to download movies from p2p..they watch movies on youtube. how can you watch a movie at such a low resolution i dont kno..

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