Sleep attack

I know I had been depraved of sleep since over a week, as I usually ended up working till 4am and then woke up by the noise at 7, still trying to sleep but not able to do so. But this was not the first time it was happening with me, and I’m quite used to it.

But what happened yesterday night was really a first time for me. I had been working away at my computer as usual. It must’ve been around 1 am, and I was feeling unusually sleepy. I had already washed my face and taken a short walk on the terrace earlier, all to no avail.

And the next thing I knew , I suddenly woke up with a start, after hitting my head on the desk rather violently. It was 5am. I permitted myself a short laugh, and then went back to sleep, in the much more comfortable confines of my bed 😀

23 thoughts on “Sleep attack

  1. lol that’s happ to me too…. i’ve woken up in the morning finding my head on the keyboard, lol…

    and it’s deprived, otherwise i have to wonder what u were reading on the comp that was making u depraved :p

  2. have found myself sleeping in the weirdest of places. I sometimes used to go under the bed and sleep to mess with my mom when she came to wake me up in the morning and didn’t find me nywhere lol . . .

  3. Lolz…I was such an easily scared kid:D
    Used to wake up at the slightest noises…and then cover up myself with a blanket and almost asphyxiate myself!

  4. this is anyday better man…i have seen people dozing off in meetings/presentations and then when they suddenly hit their head to the table..everyone realizes its so embarrassing 😀

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