19 thoughts on “Kerala Airways- Cheapest mode of air travel

  1. who said it was?? my best friend from college was mallu. ahhh the aviyal and the meen moli i had at her place… her mum still makes it for me everytime i go over and i eat like a glutton… irresistably good stuff!

  2. yeah I know wat u r saying about.I went to my friend’s place in Wayanad.Their table is filled iwth dishes of food.There’s not much place to keep ur plate there.:).’Course the table was also big.there was plenty of fish,chicken,veggies and 2-3 varieties of rice plus snacks(read banana chips:)).

  3. u know speaking ot tam cuisine..I actually went out to have chettinad cuisine.But I ended up having punjabi.need to try the chettinad dishes.I hear the chicken dishes r exquisite.

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