Spiderman 3

First was good, because it was the first.
Second was good, but not so good.
Third is way better than first and second!
Spiderman is not your typical hero, who just beats up the bad guys.
He’s a very ordinary guy, suspect to feelings of hate and revenge and totally unaware of how to deal with girls
Its a continuation of the main plot of the first in the series, tying up some left over loose ends.
The bad guys are also awesome…quite befitting for our superhero. And when they double team against spidey, only some outside help is able to get him out of the trouble.
Won’t reveal more…will spoil the fun!

4 thoughts on “Spiderman 3

  1. nice… i’m going tonight to see it.
    i loved both spidermaan 1 and 2 also. Its cos Toby is so HUMAN and not like a superhero at all… his personal relationships part is really touching. Not sure why ppl didn’t like part 2, i loved it thru n thru.
    p.s. sid, unrelated topic but i loved music & lyrics…. 🙂

  2. The movie is good but I kinda got a little bored in the middle.It was just not captivating enough like the first two parts.dunno if it was too many bad guys or too much emotion in the movie.but I did get a wee bit bored in the middle.

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