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Finally managed to make it to the Bangalore Entrepreneur Meet this month.
And it turned out to be a great experience. The venue was Cha Bar (Leela Palace Hotel on Airport Road). I went in with expectations of a low turnout, but was thankfully turned wrong. It was great, and I can go on and on and on about it, but I guess I’d rather just talk about some of those who were present-

Me . Well I guess you all know enough, so I shall spare you of more details:P

An ex employee of Singapore Civil Services, also a native of Bangalore, who’s been a successful entrepreneur in both web based an brick & mortar businesses. He also teaches wealth creation management in top institutes in Singapore and India, and wants to contribute this knowledge to nurture new entrepreneurs.

A financial technologist (I never heard of this before, but I guess it may exist), who calls himself an outsourced CFO (Im sure no one heard of this before! ). What he basically does is this, he offers his services as a part time CFO to various tech companies with a size below 5 mn $. These companies don’t have the money to hire a full time CFO, and usually get the work done by their CA at the low end, or a financial consultancy at the high end. A CA doesn’t have the required domain knowledge, and financial consultancies bill you and go away. This is where he comes in handy. He has required domain knowledge, and he becomes a part of the company board, taking equal responsibility to run it. Very innovative model indeed!

An ebay superseller, who also runs a small BPO setup and a small web design company. Typical Gujarati enterprising spirit

A guy who’s part of a team which is trying to emulate something like a kiva.org for India, basically a website where people donate money to small time entrepreneurs to help them kickstart their business and make a living.

An exporter of herbal essences and related products.

A guy from a company which provides consultancy and assistance to businesses looking to raise money, helping them get the best deal.

A girl working at a market research company, which conducts end user researchs for its client’s products, finding out how they can be improved to provide greater satisfaction to the end user.

Several others, including those employed in various companies, looking at entrepreneurship as an options.

Also noticeable were couple of boys just out of school who’re planning to take on Google! (Thats the spirit!)

All in all a fabulous meet, with all wishing to participate actively and turn it out into something useful.

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  1. Yeah it sure was. There was talk about taking this beyond just a meet and doing something constructive, employing the skills of all those present.

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