I was working all Saturday and Sunday too till I got a call to have a meeting in early afternoon. Not typical boring business meeting as I was supposed to meet the owner of a top restaurant (Opus), famous for its unique layout and music performances including Karaoke performances. So I went there…and even caught a glimpse of a performance of Chilli Potato, a band where the lead vocal/guitarist is a friend of mine. More performances followed, along with some nice Goan starters and not so nice Italian main course. There was also a performance by Sankarshan “Shanky” Kini, who is also a part of Kailash Kher’s band. After this we went to Vasanth Nagar near Mount Carmel’s, to view a performance of stunts performed by local kids on their bicycles. Boy…they were all really good! I’ll try and get some pics and post here if possible. Finally got back home around dinner time and got back to work…going to bed after 2 in the night.

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