Pure, unadulterated action. If you love action movies, you have to watch this one. As soon as it starts, it progresses like a 100m race, only stretched longer.

Jason Statham fits perfectly in the role of Chev Chelios, a trigger happy gangster. At the beginning of the movie, he gets injected by a lethal chinese cocktail. This creates a queer condition in his body, which would cause him to die if his heart beat slows down (ala Speed). To avoid this, he has to keep his adrenaline flowing constantly, in the process going on a rampage in the entire city. Remember “kill frenzy” from GTA 2? Yeah…that and more!

8 thoughts on “Crank

  1. I got it 🙂
    I’m in office (Malleshwaram) for few days, back at home later this week.
    New home is on Outer Ring Road, opposite New Horizon Engg College, abt 2-3 km from Innovative Mplex. I’ll call you when I get home.

  2. I found it just allright.but the scene where he has sex with his wife on the street just to get his adrenaline pumping was weird and funny.the wife agreeing to it was completely bogus.

  3. Hmm. I’ve seen Snatch and Crank only among them.
    Apart from them, I’ve seen Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (excellent!) and Revolver (a bit overdone). Ofcourse you have other Hollywood ones, but I’m talking abt British productions here.

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