Gunda- The ultimate B Movie

I managed to see this a little while back. Truly mind dumbing experience. Zillions of fabulous reviews have been written for it, so I’ll just quote one from IMDB here-

sucheta-kanjilal ( from Mumbai, India writes

truly a cinematic masterpiece, gunda propels the viewer through a world of pony tailed gender confused rapists, villains spouting rhyme, prostitutes suspended in mid air and heroines with fluctuating vital statistics.

in the classic tradition of the underdog-turns hero, shankar(mithun chakrabarty) is subjected to heinous damage for daring to oppose bhulla (mukesh rishi). rage bubbles within him and shankar goes on a stylistic killing spree a la kill bill.

the film encompasses a careful blend of restricted and omniscient narration. there are hardly any point-of-view shots, therefore giving the viewer a larger span of celluloid to understand and find himself/herself engrossed in. the editing is possibly is the most flawless feature of the movie, where rapid cuts speed up the action considerably.

socially, the film does not fail to make a statement. it is truly the duty of every citizen to end the reign of violence in his/her state by taking matters into his/her own hands. shankar, more a symbol than a protagonist, is the ultimate blend of east meets west, an airport coolie. the airport too is a constantly revisited motif and one wonders, is it signifying a constant need to journey into the unknown?or is it an area where courage must take-off?

director kanti shah has ably cut the unnecessary psychological profiling of rape victims, by speedily eliminating them and gives more credence to taking charge of one’s destiny. the dialogue’s pay tribute to the lilting rhythm of Indian languages and the rich Indian tradition of rhyme and couplets.

finely crafted and brilliantly executed, the superbly ultra-violent ‘gunda’ is not for the faint-hearted. it is however, a must see for any serious connoisseur of film.

don’t miss it for the world!

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