The Boondock Saints

Rated as one of the most “bad-ass” movies of all time, Boondock Saints is an out and out action movie, set in the 90s Boston. The movie opens with a church sermon, talking about the murder of Kitty Genovese in New York (read more abt it here), asking people to take a stand against the crime happening around them. Two brothers take the task upon themselves, and become vigilantes cleaning up organised crime.
Willem Dafoe plays an FBI agent investigating the killings, in one of the most unique and unforgettable roles of all time.
The movie went unnoticed on its release, which badly coincided with the Columbine high school massacre, which had striking similarities with the plot of the movie with the killers being on a “mission of God”. Made on a budget of 7,000,000 USD, it grossed less than 30,000 USD, thus becoming one of the biggest commercial failures in the history. But later with circulation of videos, it has become a huge cult hit, spawning a lot of online fan clubs. A sequel is rumoured to be in production lately.

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