Love at First Sight; with Online Help


Here’s a story that might bring a smile to the face of even the most hardened cynic.

And the place where it unfolded is one you’d least expect — the Big Apple.

It was admittedly love at first sight for New Yorker, Patrick Moberg (21), a Brooklyn-based Web designer, when he saw the pretty young woman on the crowded subway train.

She continued writing in her journal, oblivious to the loving gaze of the young man who by now was certain he had found the girl of his dreams.

As they both stepped off the train, he tried to find her – but in vain. The next thing he knew — he set-up a Web site dedicated to finding his mystery woman, and named it “”.

On the site, he drew a picture of her — blue shorts, blue tights, and Red flower in hair. He posted his cell phone number, his email address, and an appeal for help in finding the love of his life.

Interestingly, the whole thing worked. New Yorkers, otherwise known to be a pretty cynical bunch, rallied in order to help Moberg.

Within hours of the young man’s appeal, his inbox was flooded with emails, and his phone hardly ever stopped ringing. Finally, a friend of his mystery love contacted him, and sent him a picture so that he’d be sure it really was her.

A joyous Moberg wrote on his Web site, “Found her, seriously!” He announced that they’d been put in touch, and that they would see what happens.

The woman, now identified as Camille Hayton (22), works as an intern at the BlackBook magazine, and is also from Brooklyn. All that Hayton could say was, “this is crazy, and i cannot believe it’s happening’.

Meanwhile, job done, Moberg has lost no time in pulling down the shutters on his hitherto much publicized romance. Which leaves New York with little else but guessing games as to what happens next on this one?

5 thoughts on “Love at First Sight; with Online Help

  1. lol craigslist is full of ppl giving shoutouts like –

    I was the guy sitting on your left in the first car – we were definitely checking eachother out the whole way – I got off at 36th ave and we caught eachother staring after I got out. I was reading a book and you have cool black hair and were listening to some awesome music on your Ipod. I think you got on around times square maybe?


    I spoke to you about the lemon juice leaking on your jacket, you 5’3 had beautiful blue eyes, and you were fasting. I should have asked you out, are u interested?

    and finally chk this one out, lol i can’t believe the dude wrote such a long shoutout…

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