Monthly Archives: December 2007

I saw a shooting star!

This Friday night, when I was sitting in the balcony talking with a friend, suddenly something caught my eye. I looked up and guess what I see…a shooting star! It was a ball of fire a little less than one feet across with a long tail following it… and it fell less than half km from where I was sitting! Even my friend caught a glimpse as he was quick enough to turn and see.
We went out to try to locate it, but as I expected it was too tough as its a residential area with houses all over the place.

The English Patient

The English Patient is a remarkable story of love amidst war, based on a book of the same name by the author Micheal Ondaatje. The main timeline of the film takes place around the close of WWII. A young nurse tends to a badly-burned plane crash victim. His past is shown in flashbacks, revealing him to be an explorer in North Africa. And gradually, a poignant love story is unlayered as the story progresses. A story of love between two strong willed individuals, which is best described by the following quote from the movie-

Betrayals during war are childlike compared with our betrayals during peace. New lovers are nervous and tender, but smash everything. For the heart is an organ of fire.

PS: The protagonist and the inspiration for the book, the Hungarian Count Laszlo Almasy was a real person, and the story is loosely connected to his real life.


ﻻفذو ميں کيا بايا کار
लफ्जों में क्या बया करे
Lafzo mein kya baya kare
It cannot be expressed in words

شاب ايسي شاايي حي
शब ऐसी छाई है
Shab aisi chhaayi hai
Such is the spread of the night

جاحاين جاايي ييح نگااحي
जहाँ जाए ये निगाहें
Jahaan jaaye yeh nigaahe
Wherever these eyes see

ناذار اايي سيااحي حي
नज़र आये सियाही है
Nazar aaye siyaahi hai
Only darkness is visible

بيي شيماار مييااڈو س
बे शुमार मियादों से
Bey shumaar miyaado se
Since uncounted periods

ٹانحاايي حي ٹانحاايي حي
तन्हाई ही तन्हाई है
Tanhaayi hi tanhaayi hai
There is only loneliness

بيي حاڈ بيي ڈارڈي سي
बे हद बे दर्दी से
Bey had bey dardi se
Limitless heartless-ness has

باني سيريٹ حي پارشاايي حي
बनी सूरत ही परछाई है
Bani surat hi parchhaayi hai
Turned this face into a shadow