ﻻفذو ميں کيا بايا کار
लफ्जों में क्या बया करे
Lafzo mein kya baya kare
It cannot be expressed in words

شاب ايسي شاايي حي
शब ऐसी छाई है
Shab aisi chhaayi hai
Such is the spread of the night

جاحاين جاايي ييح نگااحي
जहाँ जाए ये निगाहें
Jahaan jaaye yeh nigaahe
Wherever these eyes see

ناذار اايي سيااحي حي
नज़र आये सियाही है
Nazar aaye siyaahi hai
Only darkness is visible

بيي شيماار مييااڈو س
बे शुमार मियादों से
Bey shumaar miyaado se
Since uncounted periods

ٹانحاايي حي ٹانحاايي حي
तन्हाई ही तन्हाई है
Tanhaayi hi tanhaayi hai
There is only loneliness

بيي حاڈ بيي ڈارڈي سي
बे हद बे दर्दी से
Bey had bey dardi se
Limitless heartless-ness has

باني سيريٹ حي پارشاايي حي
बनी सूरत ही परछाई है
Bani surat hi parchhaayi hai
Turned this face into a shadow

12 thoughts on “Soz

  1. beautiful… and yes, the urdu has a lot of spelling mistakes, like the script says “bayaa” when it shd read “bayaaN”

    anyway, the grammar part is fine..

    the verses are beaut! who’s the poet?

  2. i was talking abt the urdu spellings, not english!
    the urdu script literally reads ba-yaa instead of ba-yaa-n
    p.s. i can read and write urdu, i’d rate myself at intermediate level for reading and writing urdu 🙂

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