WIF 2008

Just got back after a hectic but thoroughly exciting 24 hour jam at the Indian preselections (http://www.webdesign-festival.com/2008/countries/india/index.html) of Webdesign International Festival 2008 organised by the city of Limoges, France.
We landed at The Park yesterday evening at 5 o’ clock, and the contest kicked off by 6.
We were given the theme- “Water is life” and asked to come up with a website which conveyed the idea. After some initial confusion, we finally arrived at decision post dinner and kicked off work at frenetic pace, which continued well past 5pm today. But apparently, we got a bit too ambitious with the idea and tried to do a bit too much :).
I personally wrote over one thousand lines of code but it all went to vain as the templates our designer made were incompatible with my style, and we never managed to discuss as we were busy with our own work. Disappointed, we put up a static version of the site, which conveys the potential somewhat of what it could have been if we got it to work. And that we shall, ofcourse very soon, this effort shall not go in waste.
You can check the static version of the site here->

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