Cidade de Deus

Cidade de Deus (City of God) is based on real events which occurred in this favela(a kind of suburban slum), established by the Brazilian government to drive away the slum dwellers from Rio. Like many other critically acclaimed films coming out of Latin America, the flow of the plot is not chronologically ordered, with frequent flashbacks which keep you gripped to the screen throughout the film.

The story mainly deals with the lives of two boys from the favela, one of them growing up to become a photographer and the other a drug lord. It shows how the place exists in total lawlessness , where young boys begin peddling drugs at the tender age of ten, and become seasoned gangsters by their teens. The story is told from the viewpoint of Buscape, who manages to stay uncorrupted amidst all the chaos and becomes a famed photographer with his snapshots of the gang wars taking place there.

10 thoughts on “Cidade de Deus

  1. loved the movie.I think there’s another movie being produced(or already out) which is on the same lines as “City of God”.
    The movie really portrays how children in Rio are brought into the world of drugs,guns and gang wars which for them is the only way to easy money,drugs and girls.

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