Monthly Archives: March 2008

Jeux d’enfants

Julien – Sophie
Their game was simple
hold the tin box
meet the dare
but as time passed
the dares become bolder
the feelings more intense
better than sex
better than love
it became an obsession
better than life itself
Are you game?

Jeux d’enfants (literally “child’s play”, English dubbed version “Love me if you dare”) is a story of romance kindled in childhood as friendship which transforms into unbridled passion as they grow up. Fights, heartbreaks, unrelenting egos and even separation of ten years is unable to contain it. It starts as a childish game of dares, where the one with the toy gives the other one a dare to complete, to hand over the toy. They become so obsessed with the game, that whatever be the dare, they strive to complete it without inhibitions.

Michael Clayton

Micheal Clayton (played by George Clooney) occupies a special position in the prestigious New York law firm Kenner, Bach and Odeen. He is known as the “Miracle worker”, specialising in the art of fixing other people’s messes.

Life was going just fine for him, when suddenly it all comes apart. He nearly goes broke, with his plan for retirement suddenly extinguishing. His friend and partner at the law firm handling their biggest client in a multi billion dollar lawsuit loses sanity over the morality of defending the client. And he finds himself in a precarious situation, to either rescue his life or sacrifice it to help others.

The story telling is slow, but brilliant. The characters are developed and acted brilliantly, and Tilda Swinton truly deserved an Oscar for her portrayal as counsel of UNorth, representing the evil side of big money.

It follows Syriana as an intriguing thriller-drama on socially relevant issues in today’s world. Where Syriana tackled International oil politics and terrorism, this film covers class action lawsuits involving large corporations. And like predecessor, its meant for an intelligent audience.