We all make mistakes in our lives. Some can be fixed. While others, produce such irreversible changes that you cannot do anything about them. And the feeling of guilt lives inside you, forever weighing down your conscience.

Briony Tallis makes such a mistake at the tender age of 13, giving into her adolescent impatience and a feeling of being wronged. She accuses an innocent man of a crime he never did, in the process changing the lives of several people forever.

Set around WW II England, the movie is based on a book of the same name authored by Ian McEwan. Inspite of the plot’s simplicity, the direction is such that it makes it into a very powerful and moving film.

25 thoughts on “Atonement

  1. muhaha!!!
    but the funny thing is after coming here I’ve stopped downloading movies and TV series… back home the computer used to be on all the time downloading non-stop..

  2. yeah its high time… do you know what the average internet speed in Japan is??? around 50 MBPS… :O here its around 2…supposedly one of the lowest among developed countries

  3. Shan,
    Whats this hype about Ubuntu? I see it everywhere in college. I am the typical village idiot. Put gyaan please. Wiki scares me.

    Sands of time,
    Right. What you have you want not.
    What you miss, you yearn and rot. Pfft

    50 mbps??? thats like you hit download and the movie had played to half already. Unfaiiiiir!

  4. I’ve been using Ubuntu as my primary OS since late last year. Only once in a while I logon to Windows, when I want to play some game or when I need to connect to my wifi printer at home.

    BSNL recently launched EVDO services in selected cities in South India. 2.4 mbps unlimited for Rs 700 a month (including Rs 200 device rental). Check details here –
    A friend of mine got one a few days back… will check it out and post detailed review soon.

  5. Check available pics on the links above.
    SIM card is different thing…its your typical cellphone SIM itself.
    Some data cards use SIMs, while others do not.
    The one showed in the pics is clearly a USB device, a little larger than your typical thumb drive.

  6. when I first got my bsnl connection about a couple of years ago, the Head of Engineering of the company I sued to work for before told me that he has 10MBPS connection at his residence(San Francisco).While the office had lesser speed.I was aghast hearing that.
    Even now I am still running on the same 256KBPS connection 🙁
    how I wish I has just 1MPBS conn with unlimited 🙂

    I haven’t checked for any updates from BSNL about unlimited broadband lately.

  7. *Above Tariff is for internet speed up to 144 kbps. (Tariff for CDMA EVDO card for speed up to 2.4 mbps will be intimated later, after installation of CDMA EVDO system).

    Fine Print :))

    looks interesting in any case.
    will check it out . . .

  8. Thats a very old article…but you wanted something from bsnl site so I showed you. People I know have already got it, and they told me how much it costs (~Rs 700 pm) which I put in my earlier comment.
    Its not launched nationwide yet thats why BSNL hasn’t made a public announcement. You can either wait till that happens, or check reviews by existing customers and get one for yourself.

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