Happy Birthday Chocolat!

Called you couple of times but no answer…guess you’re holidaying 🙂
Hope you had a wonderful birthday and wishes for a fabulous year ahead!

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Chocolat!

  1. ohhhhh Sid thanks so much! i didn’t see this post, how come??
    i just chkd my contacts and sid u’re not on it :eeek: how on earth did that happen, and when?!!! i’m pretty sure u were on there the last time i checked. anyhow i’ll send u an invite rite away and that shd fix it.

    prettysoe – thank u 🙂

    chintz – i am honoured boss!

    shan – thanks again for bringing this to my attention

    yeah i was at niagara falls.. had a great time there, it was a sight to see, esp since the falls are still partially frozen. a post and pics to follow soon!!

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