Books I’ve read recently

Gives a very good understanding of the China most of us don’t know anything about.
Quite apocalyptic in its view of China, but the failures its predicted don’t seem anywhere close as yet. Still, knowing the closed nature of China, one may never know until it actually happens, like the oft quoted quote from Leon Trotsky in the book – “Revolution is impossible until it becomes inevitable”.

A dark comedy recounting the events around General Zia’s 1989 plane crash. Gives a good glimpse on the role of the army in Pakistan’s society. Very funny at times.

Autobiographical story of a ‘white trash’ girl who gets trapped in a weird Island tradition. Dreaming of becoming an artist as a child, she instead gets married to a guy from an Island and ends up becoming a part of an Island prophecy which repeats once every few generations. Didn’t really like it much…seemed interesting initially but it never really picked up pace.

Great. Totally different kind of writing. Where Forsyth writes without much emotion, Le Carre’s writing is full of compassion. George Smiley, interestingly described as having “the cunning of satan and the conscience of a virgin” is completely different from any other spy fiction protagonist I have come across.

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  1. Le Carre is brilliant too. Too literary sometimes 😛 I did love The Constant Gardener. Couldn’t finish The Russia House. Yeah, I want to read Fight Club too. Loved the idea!

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