Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain

Just finished watching this wonderful, wonderful French film.
Amelie Poulain is a girl who grew up alone. Her control freak parents were too concerned about her health to send her to school, so they home schooled her. With no one around to play with, she grew up introverted, devising fantasies with the little things around her.
She grows up, gets a job as a waitress and leaves home, but still remains the same. A chance incident imbibes a sense of helping those around her, and in the process she manages to fall in love with a guy. But being her, she’s too afraid to escape her life of fantasy and face the real life, fearing rejection.

I believe we all have an Amelie inside ourselves, devising her own little fantasies. But we’re too conditioned to conform, and bury her deep within. Let her out sometimes…let her breathe the fresh air.

12 thoughts on “Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain

  1. Its lovely, the fantasy wonder being in us, and true, its great to just feel that part of oneself many a time, out in the nature is a great chance, playing in the water

  2. siduced said: Oui, en francais avec anglais subtitles

    oui c’est toujours mieux en version originale, avec des sous-titres
    Moi, même si je ne comprends pas du tout la langue originale, je choisis toujours la version originale avec les sous-titres; de cette façon, on s’imprègne mieux de la culture, de l’atmosphère du film ..
    Malheureusement en France, ils ne passent que très rarement des films en version originale à la télé , et presque jamais au cinéma !!! (j’en arrive à penser que c’est parce que les français ne savent pas lire ..lol )

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