Stephen Fry In America

“Stephen Fry in America” is a 6 episode video documentary on the travels of Stephen Fry across all 50 states of the USA. For those who need an introduction, Stephen Fry is arguably the wittiest British TV presenter/comedian.

In this travelogue, he showcases many historic and culturally significant places and events. Ranging from the hotel where the World Bank was formed to the place where Ben and Jerry’s was founded, the Mardi Gras festival in New Orleans to traditional Halloween celebration by witches in Salem, seeking the roots of Jazz music in southern Mississippi to advent of new genre bands in Seattle, its a very extensive study of the country as a whole.
And it also goes beyond all this to show how immensely scenic and beautiful the American countryside really is.

A must see for anyone planning to visit the country, or even a citizen as its vast scope covers places many would not have seen or even heard of.

5 thoughts on “Stephen Fry In America

  1. Yes of course. There is hardly any coverage of New York, while Los Angeles/Hollywood are conspicuous by their absence, and so are many others. But I suppose it wasn’t possible to do all that in just 6 1-hour episodes.

  2. I haven’t heard of it. I would be interested to hear his take on places in the US, and to see which places he chose to visit besides the ones you mentioned. Did he visit Northern California?

  3. I remember him starting his journey in San Francisco and then going up north, crossing the giant sequoia trees and going further north to Oregon and then Seattle, WA.

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