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Auto generated Dan Brown plot

Waspy McWasp, the ruggedly handsome, world renowned Harvard professor of Useless Crapology is summoned to Europe to analyze the mysterious murder of a famous scientist of some sort . While there, he discovers evidence of the unimaginable – the definitive and substantial proof of the tooth fairy. He must work with Elizabeth, the extremely beautiful and intelligent cryptographer, in order to beat the clock and unlock the mystery.

Waspy McWasp’s worst fears are confirmed when he discovers that a crazy desert raider has been murdering innocent victims, including a bunch of cute penguins. He and Elizabeth must rush against the clock, and use their knowledge of obscure art, ambiguous history, impossible computer science theory, and inaccurate theology, as their investigation takes them through the mysterious streets of Madrid. They encounter further difficulties when their efforts are thwarted by the President of the United States who has his own plan for solving the mystery and unlocking the secrets of the tooth fairy.

Waspy McWasp and Elizabeth put their fate into the hands of the director of the NSA who actually turns out to be the one who planned and orchestrated the entire devious plot. As they expose the treacherous director of the NSA they must also face the truth that the tooth fairy was just a fabrication, and does not really exist. When the director of the NSA is finally exposed, he tries to escape, but tragically dies engulfed in infernal flames, as Waspy McWasp and Elizabeth look on. With his last breath, the director of the NSA explains that his motives were actually good, but got corrupted and twisted by evil ambition. Putting the entire fiasco behind them, Waspy McWasp and Elizabeth kiss in a very romantic and awkward kind of way.

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