Monthly Archives: October 2010

Hallam Foe

First saw it couple of years back. Was sifting through my movie archive last week when I saw it and decided to watch it again.

Hallam Foe is a teenager in rural Scotland who mostly spends his time in a treehouse snooping around with his binoculars and chronicling things he sees in a secret diary. He’s been distraught since his mother’s death, who he was really close to, and keeps a wide variety of her things in the treehouse. He suspects his young step mother who used to be his father’s secretary of plotting to drown his mother. He accuses her of the same and ends up having an argument and decides to run away from home.

He lands up in London where he comes across a woman who looks like a younger version of his mother and follows her around. She turns out to be working at a Hotel and he approaches her for a job, ending up as a kitchen porter in the same hotel and ends up in some embarrassing misadventures. Watch the film for more.

Hallam Foe is a little weird but has some endearing qualities which help you get past the rest. All in all, quite a refreshing watch.

Ride to Nandi Hill

112 km 05:56 18.9km/h pace

My first century ride! Rode in a group of 5 in an odd combination of hybrids, MTBs and even a single speed. Things went well till we reached the base, got a little difficult the first few kms into the climb and the final few kms even saw me taking a walk on really steep gradients.

Tried to not go too fast downhill as there was a crazy guy on a Honda CBR continuously going up and down, still managed it in about 12-13 mins apart from a break when we had to stop to help one of the guys who had a fall after hitting the side wall.

After reaching the base and on the way back to the highway, a long stretch with a slight downhill lighted up my eyes. Went into sprint mode and reached 56.1 kmph, beating the old max speed of 49.6 kmph easily. Speed really reduced in the final 20 kms as I began to feel the noon sun sapping away my energy. Reached home in the afternoon, tired but accomplished 🙂