Ride to Nandi Hill

112 km 05:56 18.9km/h pace

My first century ride! Rode in a group of 5 in an odd combination of hybrids, MTBs and even a single speed. Things went well till we reached the base, got a little difficult the first few kms into the climb and the final few kms even saw me taking a walk on really steep gradients.

Tried to not go too fast downhill as there was a crazy guy on a Honda CBR continuously going up and down, still managed it in about 12-13 mins apart from a break when we had to stop to help one of the guys who had a fall after hitting the side wall.

After reaching the base and on the way back to the highway, a long stretch with a slight downhill lighted up my eyes. Went into sprint mode and reached 56.1 kmph, beating the old max speed of 49.6 kmph easily. Speed really reduced in the final 20 kms as I began to feel the noon sun sapping away my energy. Reached home in the afternoon, tired but accomplished 🙂

5 thoughts on “Ride to Nandi Hill

  1. I went to Nandi Hills, by bus though. I can’t imagine cycling up that hill, though regularly see Frenchmen cycling up hills here. I would definitely walk up any slopes. How do the pesky monkeys respond when they see you on a bike?

  2. @Susie Nandi Hill is a pretty popular spot for weekend cycling trips in Bangalore. Recently a group of almost 80 people cycled there together.
    The monkeys didn’t seem to be much interested in us, there was quite a bit of traffic on the road up so I guess they were just staying safely put on the side of the road.

    @Harleen Yes. Upon closer examination, you’ll find it to be a round shape 😛

  3. I always had thin legs. Infact I was generally pretty thin if you remember from school. Thing took a ’round’ turn once I moved to Bangalore, with all the great weather and food as good as back home. I gained 12kg in the very first semester!

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