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American History X

This is a very powerful movie, filled with violent and disturbing scenes. One of those rare ones which are capable of depressing you. Edward Norton plays the neo nazi skinhead Derek Vinyard, who’s filled with rage against all the non-white immigrants flooding his country. He spearheads the grouping of frustrated white youth into a gang of nazi skinheads, who commit dozens of hate crimes against other races. After a brutal incident in which he murders two black youth supposedly in an act of self defence, he’s given a jail term of three years. A lot of events take place during his stay in the jail, which change his outlook on life. But on coming back home, he discovers that his younger brother is following the same path which led him to self destruction.

I just cannot stop admiring Edward Norton, not just for his acting skills, but also the way he changes his physical appearance to match the role he’s playing. One generally has an impression of him being skinny and harmless, but he looks entirely different in this movie, completely fitting the tag of a nazi skinhead bully.