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Not for the faint of heart.
Not for people who get grossed out.
Not for people who give up too easily.
Not for people with a closed mind.
Not for a few more categories of people, which I cannot recall at the moment.

If you are still here, buy this book and start reading right away!

“The best book ever written by man or woman…deserves to sell more copies than the Bible.”—Rebel, Inc.
Trainspotting is a collection of somewhat chronologically arranged narratives about the lives of a group of Scottish youth, comprising of drug addicts, playboys, bullies, HIV +ves etc, none of them qualifying for the supposedly “normal” social tag. Written mostly in Scots, an English dialect spoken in Scotland, this book will hit you hard. Whether it may be the language used to write it, or the unbelieveable situations the characters get into, which can gross-out the best of us. It will shock your mind to numbness, and then shock you again.

They also made a movie on the book, which is really good, but its only a summarised version . Watch it only if you don’t have the patience to read the book.