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What makes you not a Buddhist

What makes you not a Buddhist

My rating : 5/5

A highly accessible book on Buddhism. Most of us assume Buddhism to be an ascetic religion where one gives up all worldy things and puts on a maroon robe and shaves off their hair. But it is not about these superficial changes.

The foundation of Buddhism are the four seals, or eternal truths. As long as you follow them, you are a Buddhist, even if you are a CEO, politician or a housewife. If you don’t, adorning maroon robes and shaving your hair is not going to bring you any closer to Buddhism.

Highly recommended. The teachings are applicable to every day life, how you behave with others, with what intentions you do things, etc, and help you lead a peaceful life.

Book Review – Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

My Rating : 5/5

This is probably one of the most important books that I’ve read in my life. Even considering some of the claims made by the author on the immense number of issues lack of sleep can cause to not be true as per the PS#1, quite a lot of them ring true based on personal experience.
It remains a fact that LED lights, personal electronic devices, unhealthy eating habits, late TV watching among others are actively affecting the quality and quantity of our sleep. While we are aware of some of the shortfalls of the lack of sleep, the magnitude of the importance of a good night of sleep on most facets of our life is lost to us. This book showcases the benefits of good sleep, and the detriment of bad sleep throughout its 400+ pages, with startling facts being revealed on almost every other page (my highlights crossed the publisher threshold so could not view full text outside the reader app, but easily going above 40 pages). It goes to the extent of possibly scaring readers who suffer from bad sleep.
Cannot recommend this book enough to everyone. Because everyone needs a good night of sleep.

#1 Suggest reading the criticism by Alex Guzey ( ), with no official response by the author as yet.
#2 Bill Gates’ review

The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss by Jason Fung

The Obesity Code by Jason Fung

Among a few other books related to health and general well being, a must read book which blows a hole through unscientific habits drilled into us via so called “experts”, including even doctors following long held dogma.
I was told this is essentially a guide to ‘ketogenic’ diet but it actually argues against it.
It does not take a simplistic route to better health, but rather a holistic view addressing multiple reasons which could have lead to obesity and individually targeting them, and backing everything it says with a good amount of science and long term studies ( you can’t research obesity causes over a 1 month study).
Read it even if you’re not obese for the wealth of nutritional information you will gain which will hopefully lead you to a long life of good health.