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I read this book late last year. But it was so overwhelming and enthralling, that the plot is still very much alive in my mind.

Its a true story. The author is an Australian fugitive, who comes to Bombay in the early 80’s, looking for refuge. In the eight years he spent here, he lives in a Bombay slum, establishes a free health clinic there, joins the mafia, works as a money launderer, forger and street soldier. He gets fluent in Hindi and Marathi, which earns him the respect of the local people. He also finds time to fall in love with a very beautiful and very complex woman. He also spends time being worked over in an infamous jail. And thats not it…he also acted in Bollywood and fought with the Mujahideed in Afghanistan against the USSR.

Amazingly…this book was written three times after the prison guards trashed the first two versions.

Not a book to miss by any means!

PS: They’re making a movie over it in Hollywood, with Johnny Depp playing the title role.