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Day out at National Market

My uncle was hosting a lunch for his colleagues from work yesterday. I generally get bored at such times, so I decided to get out of the house for a while. Called up a couple of friends to enquire of their plans for the day. Finally decided to meet up with Shekhar. His sis was flying to Chicago later in the night, so he wanted to buy some dvds to send to his relatives there, and ofcourse get some for himself. He’d never been to the place before, so needed my help to get there. I was myself looking to get some movies to add to my collection.
So off we went, and after some 30 minutes of manouvering through the infamous Bangalore traffic, we finally reached National Market. For people who don’t know much about this place, its a building located in a crowded part of the city, famous for great deals on dvd’s, cellphones and other electronic goods.
After some time browsing around, we got to this shop, recommended to Shekhar by someone. And then began the long but interesting search for titles. We must have searched through hundreds of titles, finally choosing about 20 dvd’s having over 50 titles comprising of both old classics and latest releases, and also some music videos. Got a pretty good bargain, ending up paying just Rs. 70 for each dvd.
Finally came back to Shekhar’s place, and ate a hearty lunch made by his mom. Chatted about some stuff for sometime. The sky started to look really scary…so decided to get back home before the rains started.
Had some thought provoking ideas on the drive back…will be writing about them soon.