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Nochnoy Dozor

Nochnoy Dozor (Night Watch), released in 2004, is based on the first novel from the Dozor (Watch) Tetralogy by Russian author Sergey Lukyanenko. Its storyline resembles the Kate Beckinsale starrer Underworld, where supernatural beings such as Vampires and Werewolves exist among ordinary humans in the world. Here, they are called the Others, divided into the Light Others and the Dark Others. Light Others are the good ones, believing in peaceful co-existence with humans, while Dark Others tend to misuse their powers.

The movie has special effects comparable to any modern Hollywood blockbuster. Unlike Underworld, it takes its elements seriously, and the movie isn’t lost in high adrenaline action scenes. But the serious nature also tends to get a little overbearing, making it too serious and slow moving at certain points as the director tries to follow the book a bit too rigidly. Thankfully, he has rectified this in Dnevnoy Dozor (Day Watch), the second part of the tetralogy released in 2006, which is much more audience friendly.